The Brand Positioning Process

With a proper understanding of what a brand positioning strategy is and a well thought out strategy in place a statement can be formed. Using the process explained below a crystal clear idea of a company brand strategy can be defined.

It’s important to take as much time as needed in the final steps of this process to ensure that the end result is a well executed brand positioning statement that will create success for the company.


1. Set clear company vision and goals

Think deeply about what the company is about and where it is going. Understanding that the positioning statement of a company is one of the pillars of moving forward, all parties involved with the company have to be on the same page. There must be a well defined set of goals and priorities that will act a guide to launch the company forward on a purposeful path in the direction of the desired success.

2. Target market and competitive research

Having a well rounded knowledge and understanding of the desired target market and competitors is very important. According to a study conducted by professional services marketing, companies who have a clear understanding of their target market and competitors are more like to see higher growth. Brand research will help define the company’s goals and strengths, provides competitor analysis and reveals the perception your target audience has towards competitors. 

3. Recognize your differentiators

After studying the results of the brand research and setting company goals, it is now time to identify what sets the company apart and what qualities can be maximized in the positioning statement. Reveal the company’s differentiators through the results or the specializations that you have already cultivated in our previous articles. Your differentiators should meet the following criteria:

a)     They must be true.

b)     They must be provable.

c)     The differentiators should be related to the target audience.

4. Create your positioning statement

After identifying the differentiators, you can now use them to form a brand positioning statement. Be sure to remember that your statement must be clear, concise, and unique to grab the attention of your target market. See the link at the end of this article for a free downloadable template to get started.

5. Implementation

The last step of the process is implementation. No matter how clear your goals are, how much you understand your audience and competitors, or how great your positioning statement is, the business will not succeed without proper implementation. Having the best implementation strategy and tools for your message to hit your target market using a well defined statement can create great success when put into consistent action.

Now that the research has been done it’s time to start creating the brand positioning statement. View our Forming a Brand Positioning Statement article for a free downloadable template to get started now.

Team work makes the dream work so let’s work together! Wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to help your dreams take flight.

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