Overcoming Brand Positioning Challenges

Creating a brand positioning strategy isn’t as easy as ABC’s. There is a lot of thought process to make it perfect and ensure it hits the spot for consumers. Without a clear positioning statement, a company can run into several problems if its branding is not managed well.

With that being said, if a statement isn’t working well for a company it may be necessary to reposition the brand to better align the company with it’s target audience. 

There are several reasons that this may be considered. For instance, sometimes the brand position of a company just isn’t unique enough to differentiate it from competitors, or maybe employees are having difficulty understanding and staying in alignment with the brand position. 


Whatever the situation, if brand positioning issues arise, here are some ways to overcome those challenges:

1. Focus on a niche or different consumer segment

This is the most difficult but most rewarding if pulled off properly by a company. When a brand positioning is not making an impact, it might be time to shift focus and change strategy. This is when a tough decision has to be made to let go of a more general consumer segment and put resources into targeting a more specific niche market, building momentum as  specialty brand. If this works it can produce a huge payoff.

2. Emphasize a trait

Find the most important aspect of your company and associate it with your branding. Do not be vague about this but rather specific about this aspect or feature. It doesn’t necessarily need to be unique, as long as the branding shows that the company consistently reflects this trait. For best results find a creative way to integrate this trait with the branding well enough that it can easily be used to differentiate and identify the company and set it apart from the competitors.

3. Combine two traits

If you think emphasizing one aspect is not enough, you can combine two important traits of your company and integrate them with your brand positioning. You can stress the importance of how your company is leading the way when it comes to providing those two services. For instance, if you have a marketing agency, you can position it as the leading agency in providing PR and advertising services.

4. Leave it be

If the risk that comes with repositioning is too great, perhaps just letting it be and rethinking the existing brand statement in a new way is the best strategy. It might be most beneficial to simply promote and manage branding and marketing from a different perspective that better suits the target audience. Prove the brand positioning through the company’s actions so that the consumers will grow to trust the consistency.

Brand positioning is tricky wherein a lot of mistakes can be made if not properly thought out and/or managed. A brand positioning statement is the internal compass of a company so be cautious before making a decision, then own it and put effort into it to ensure that it will work. These suggestions are here as a guide if the current brand position does not seem to be getting the desired results and repositioning the company’s branding is being considered. It takes patience, but once perfected a company’s brand statement will be an important tool towards it’s success.

A brand positioning statement is the internal compass of a company so be cautious before making a decision, then own it and put effort into it to ensure that it will work.


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