Movies and Shows that Inspire Success

Who says entertainment can’t also be educational? Here are a few of our favorite movies that taught us something about business.

The Founder

What if in 1950 we told you it was possible to grow a business run mostly by high school students to be worth over 150 billion dollars? 

Based on the true story of McDonalds, The Founders does a notable job when it comes to reenacting how some of the systems were created and refined to a level of maximum efficiency.

What it Teaches: Systems

Systems should be at the heart of any business that wants to efficiently scale. Establishing repeatable methods for completing tasks creates consistency across the products or services customers have come to love and expect, and it also makes training a lot easier.

For the self-employed soloprenuer to transition into a true business owner with a team of people, there must be a series of systems in place to ensure quality remains as quantity increases.

Yes, real estate was a factor in the growth of McDonalds, but the sentiment that systems are at the heart of their operational foundation remains the same and is necessary for orderly growth.

Undercover Billionaire

As with all reality television, it’s probably safe to say some parts are scripted, but we loved watching the first season and the attempt at capturing a candid look into a very real journey people all over the nation are on everyday.

The premise of Undercover Billionaire is that each season a billionaire sets out to disprove the deep-seated, self-limiting beliefs that financial status, social status and geographical location are what prevent would-be success stories from ever happening. 

Equipped with nothing but an old car, 100 dollars, a cell phone with no contacts and a deadline of 90 days, the billionaire is dropped off in an unfamiliar city far from home with the goal of building a business valued at a million dollars.

What it Teaches: A Shift in Perspective

Endurance, passion and resourcefulness are some of the main archetypical indicators for success and they live within people, not circumstance. No matter who you know, what you have or where you’re from, opportunity is everywhere but depends heavily on your state of being. Positivity inspires creative ideas and attracts opportunity while negativity repels opportunity and is a waste of energy. 

While this show focuses on breaking down the perceived physical barriers to success, there is a less talked about underlying element that is just as important to address and that’s the freedom that comes from healing inner toxicity such as high self-doubt and low self-esteem.

You don’t have to be incredibly smart to be successful, just focused. Learning to train yourself towards healthier patterns of thinking and behavior is a bet you can’t lose since the most valuable investment you can make is in your own personal growth anyway.

Regardless of which barriers you’re facing, Undercover Billionaire is a source of motivation for even the most discouraged.

Self Made: The Life of Madam C.J. Walker

Told sales wasn’t for her, that she didn’t look the part and that she’d never succeed, Madam C.J. Walker is the subject of Self Made, another Netflix movie based on a true story. 

Despite all the external resistance she faced, Madam C.J. Walker had a vision she believed in regardless. Rather than sink into a place of hopelessness, she dealt with adversity in a way that moved her forward.

What it Teaches: Personal Power

Not everyone is going to see or believe in your dream the way you do so it’s better to be intuitively led instead of swayed by outside influence for this reason.

Even loved ones with the best of intentions will sometimes try to manage expectations due to their own lack of belief in an effort to lessen your disappointment where they predict failure. It’s how a lot of dreams die. 

Fortunately, just as often, there are a whole world of strangers willing to root for your success. It’s up to you to use your personal power in deciding how you’re going to live.  

Team work makes the dream work so let’s work together! Wherever you are in your journey, we’d love to help your dreams take flight.

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