Forming a Brand Positioning Statement

Brand positioning is often considered the backbone of marketing because it clearly sets the tone for a company’s marketing strategy. A brand positioning statement should highlight the core message and/or strength of a company and define what sets it apart from competitors.

The brand positioning statement is used to clearly define the company’s competitive advantage. It should be brief, clear, direct and explain the company’s purpose and goals in a way that inspires the reader to believe in the company.

A prepared paragraph or a prompted phrase can both be used to make a brand positioning statement. It takes more expertise and effort to produce a well-crafted paragraph, but some businesses find that it converts more easily into marketing guidelines later on. 

So, what should the brand positioning statement consist of? A well-crafted statement should include these fundamental elements:

The company name and purpose should be a short description that describes what the company does, in a clear and well defined way.

The Target Market
Clearly state the type of consumer or niche that the company is targeting.

What Sets the Company Apart from Competitors 
Why should consumers choose this company? A short list of true and provable reasons why the company is different and/or better than the competition written in a way that is relevant to the target market.

Proof that Supports the Claim
Add a fact or some type of proof that supports the companies claims to build trust with the targeted consumers.

To get a better understanding of how it works, let’s review some examples from well-known companies:


Positioning Statement“For individuals looking for high-quality beverages, Coca-Cola offers a wide range of the most refreshing options — each creates a positive experience for customers when they enjoy a Coca-Cola brand drink. Unlike other beverage options, Coca-Cola products inspire happiness and make a positive difference in customers’ lives, and the brand is intensely focused on the needs of consumers and customers.”

Purpose: The company offers a wide variety of high-quality beverages to create a positive experience for customers when they drink a Coca-Cola beverage

Target Market: Anyone who wants a beverage

What Sets Them Apart: The needs of the customers are the focus of the company and they aim to create a positive difference and inspire happiness

Proof: The wide variety of high-quality beverages offer refreshment and happiness.



Positioning Statement: “For athletes in need of high-quality, fashionable athletic wear, Nike provides customers with top-performing sports apparel and shoes made of the highest quality materials. Its products are the most advanced in the athletic apparel industry because of Nike’s commitment to innovation and investment in the latest technologies.”

Purpose: They offer high-quality and fashionable athletic wear as well as top-performing sports apparel including shoes

Target Market: Athletes who need quality athletic wear

What Sets Them Apart: They offer the most advanced athletic apparel in the industry made of the highest quality materials

Proof : The company’s commitment to innovation and investment in the latest technologies as well as the quality products they produce

These are examples of the brand positioning statements of some of the most successful companies in the world, showing that they have a clear understanding of their marketing goals which reflects in their well-defined statements. They have a unique message that is direct, to the point and consistent, which has translated into their long standing success.

The positioning statement of a company can be used as the foundation of its marketing efforts to create a well rounded consistent brand that consumers can trust.

So, what are your plans for implementing your brand positioning statement? Many companies start by developing their elevator pitch, which is a brief explanation of their company that answers the question, “What does your company do?” Keep your elevator pitch brief — one or two sentences should suffice — and write it in genuine, conversational language. It should sound like something a person would genuinely say.

Your positioning statement may also serve as the basis for your message architecture. Your messaging architecture is a document that sets out important messages for each of your audiences, as well as addressing any objections they could have. “Why would I select your business over a more well-known competitor?” for example.

Finally, your positioning statement will serve as a source of inspiration for headlines and compelling language for your website and marketing brochures.

 Download our printable template below and get started now.

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