3 Social Media Moves to Avoid

There is no doubt that social media has changed the way companies engage and communicate with their existing and potential customers. For smaller companies and larger businesses alike, social media seems to be a great way to implement marketing campaigns for free. 

A growing number of platforms are being used as instruments to get information to a wider audience. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter seem to be part of the future of business as we know it. So it’s easy to just post a lot of content and start gaining followers, right? The answer is NO!

There are some unwritten rules when it comes to using social media. If you want to maximize the use of your different social media accounts, here are some tips to keep your efforts from going to waste.

1: Numerous Posts Within a Short Span

If you are posting continuously within the day or maybe even within an hour, you’re hurting your brand more than helping it. You have to remember that your company is not the only one with a social media account. Your followers are also following hundreds or thousands of other accounts.

Algorithms on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram don’t allow their users to have a chronological feed. It means that numerous posts from the same account within a short period can be buried, which means your efforts will be all for not. Even if you spend money boosting your post, your efforts can go unseen.

So, what can you do to avoid this mistake? Create a timeline or schedule for your posts. Allow your content to last longer by posting one at a time, allowing the spotlight to shine a little longer on each post. You don’t have to post it all at once just because you have the content ready. Don’t compete with yourself or bombard your followers with content because it might just earn you an unfollow. It’s important to post regularly but in this case quality is more productive than quantity.

2: Improper Tagging

Tagging is an important way to cross market by reaching out to a specific page or person. Do it wrong and you might have just lost an opportunity, or worse yet attracted an unwanted one by mistake! A lot of brands or companies tag “influencers” or other pages in hopes of a repost. This can be a useful tool, but you have to check if you are tagging the right account, otherwise, your intended receiver will not see your post.

Here are some guidelines for tagging correctly:

Facebook Tagging
Type the @ symbol and begin typing the name of the page or profile you’d like to tag. A drop-down list will appear. You can choose the account that you want to tag from the drop-down list. Do not enter a space after the @ symbol.

Instagram Tagging
When writing a caption on Instagram, you can see an option wherein you can tag people or pages. Just click that option and type in the account that you want to tag.

Always make sure to double-check if you are tagging the right account. The right username is always the one without space. Do NOT put a space between the names. For instance, if you want to tag BuzzFeed News, the right way would be: @buzzfeednews.

Twitter Tagging
Tagging accounts on Twitter is just the same as tagging accounts on Instagram. You will see two names on a Twitter account as you can see on the picture on the right. The one that you should take note of is the name after the @ symbol. Do NOT put a space after the @ symbol or the name.

3: Using the Same Caption

Posting different videos or photos with the same caption can cause your account to be restricted or even suspended since it can get flagged as a spam account. Aside from the technical problems that it can cause, having the same caption repeatedly just won’t spike up the interest of your audience. Who wants to see the same thing all over their feed?

Your caption should capture the attention of your followers. Do not give them a chance to become bored when you can be witty and funny in your captions. Even big companies have joined the caption “game” to garner attention. It is a great way to engage with your audience. Give them fun facts about your company or small bits of information about your brand’s mission or history. Using short captions that stand out will excite your audience so that they will actually spend time reading your post and maybe even visit your website.

Tips on what to Do Instead

Social Media comes with a lot of perks that can help you grow your company and it also serves as a great platform to communicate with your audience. With that being said, it can also cause problems or loss of money and opportunity if your accounts are not handled properly.

It is incredibly important to plan your social media activities. Take the time to think about the content you want to post. Understand your audience and followers so that you can tailor your post to them. Focus on quality over quantity making each post count and continuously use new and engaging captions to keep your audience’s attention. It will also be helpful to understand each social media platform so that you know what kind of content is better suited to each.

Now that you know what you’ve been doing wrong you can start getting the most out of your social media and be sure that your posts will be seen. So start creating your social media platform today and get your brand out there!


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